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Getting very used to sandals !!

I own 16 pairs of running shoes - not because I am rich but because I have wide feet and I have found it really hard to find wide shoes. I know I know! - you can get them from ASICS and NEW BALANCE - but they are all heavy stability type shoes. It has been impossible to find lightweight neutral shoes in wide fittings. I could get ALTRA's here - but would have to take out a second mortgage first.

Anyway, while on the injury couch with a fractured 5th metatarsal (which is the bone on the outside of the foot which connects your pinky little toe to your ankle), I have found that all of my shoes ( running or otherwise) now hurt me more than ever. So I bought a pair of el-cheapo sandals a bit like the pic here images-na.ssl-images-amazon... They are proving to be very comfortable and I have even taken a few tentative jogging steps in them. Theyweren't made for the rigours of running and are only cheap ones - but when I search for "Running sandals" Mr Google gives me this. Now I would be willing to bet that most of these wouldn't be available here in Oz and I know that I have never ever seen anybody running in anything like them - but I think I recall at least one person here who does.

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Someone recently, with lovely feet 😁, pictured himself wearing running sandals and i think Googleme does. You do what you can Baz, in the circs. Good luck with them!

I have hung my nose over Altras but too dear. I thought of getting some cheap shoe stretchers from Bettaware


Hi Bazza, I've only ever seen one person run in those stringy sandals at parkrun, I think they started off ok, he was a beginner I think, when it was dry and good weather, but one week he seemed to have difficulty in the puddles, rough uneven muddy ground and wayward thorns, blackberry bushes, nettles etc., I think he cut his foot.

Next time I saw him he was in 'standard' running trainers, that was some time ago, not seen him since.

To me they look too flat and loose, like flip flops, and I wouldn't like the toe post, i think, if I was inclined to go wider and minimalist, i'd want to try vibrams......

Hope you find something that suits


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I think MrNiceGuy is the guy you want. Not only is he nice he has nice feet aswell and runs in Vibram 5fingers and other minimalistic shoes. Maybe he can help you!


Okay have you tried Brooks, speaking as a woman whose feet resemble trays... F width compared to Uk standard of D, I found they were the only ones that fitted. Not cheap, but absolutely the best investment I ever made. Previous New Balance, rubbed toes, gave me lumps and bumps to add to the fugly look my feet already had.

2 years on, my Brooks remain bouncy and supportive. Never had a blister or any rubbing, btw they aren't paying me.....👟


Do they have any lightweight shoes in wide sizes? - around 250 grams , 10 ounces.


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