It wasn't my brain!!!!

I have 14 pairs of running shoes - not because I am rich, nor because I am some kind of running addict- but because I have yet to find a truly comfortable pair!!! My most comfortable and usable shoes are Skecher GoRun 4's - BUT they are quite expensive here because of our lousy AUD/US exchange rate and they wear out underneath VERY badly making them actually more expensive than my second best Nike's.

Anyway, I have recently purchased a pair of Brooks Pure Cadence 3 at a "runout" store - these got good writeups a couple of years ago when they were first released - and now being an old model were reasonably inexpensive to buy - less than half the original price. Like the rest of my shoes - they seemed very comfortable in the store - but 30 minutes of running in them yesterday made them get tighter and tighter ( as I guess my feet swelled?) - I managed to finish my 45 minute easy run - but it became very painful. When I got home I took the inner soles out - to find that they are quite thick. Replacing them with el cheapo flat and thinner insoles makes it much roomier inside the toebox and I will see later this week how they go this way. I also have multiple pairs of socks - very thin ones, very thick ones and ordinary socks . I find that I have to wear different styles of socks in my different shoes and also dependent on what inner soles I have in them

Does anybody else have this unsatisfying relationship with their running shoes??? I do read about people who get blisters and black toenails from their shoes - and I cannot even imagine how this could be so. I would have discarded the shoes within 10 minutes of running if I had such badly fitting shoes!!!! Or am I just a sook!!!! ?) :)

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  • I had my gait analysed at a running shop, they then added some special inner soles which they heated up to shape the same as my feet. The inner soles where expensive at about £40. However I have never had such a comfortable run

  • I can so relate ... I have had more years than I care to remember with bad fitting shoes and have spent so many dollars .... But this story has a happy ending and I now love my under armour Geminis .. just hope they don't going mucking around with the design 😀

  • I'm lucky, ever since I had gait analysis back on week 7 I have used the same Brooks adrenaline GTS and I have no problems... I hope you find the perfect pair soon...

  • I have hobbit feet - large and broad :( It makes buying any sort of shoe difficult and frustrating. Running shoes are slightly better than most because I'm not looking for pretty or for something that goes with a certain outfit, although it's still hard to judge what will be comfortable after 30 minutes' running. I'm only on my third pair of running shoes and I'm back to Brooks Adrenaline GTS which are great :) But I do only have the one pair at a time. I look at people who have multiple pairs in awe - it takes me ages to get ready and get out in the morning as it is. If I had to choose which shoes to wear I'd be there for another half an hour!

  • I'm the same since gait analysis I've always gone back to the same make and model. I've deviated because I thought I knew enough about my feet and come a cropper, even to the point of a black toe. That sent me back to my old faithfuls sharpish. I am a neutral foot that needs stability after 10km because the longer I run the more I pronate inwards as my feet swell. When I had gait analysis done I put on a pair like slippers but the guy said no as I was training for a HM, I never would of thought that you buy different trainers for longer distances but if you read some of the write ups for some trainers they mention the best ones for 10,21,and ultra because I guess everyone's feet change as they get hotter.

  • You might remember a couple of years ago Bazza, I found running shoes (and only running shoes wouldn't you know(, press on a weird bony bump on my foot. I got gait analysis and bought some Mizunos, even they needed stretching a bit. Have you tried shoes stretcher spray? You spray it in then wear the shoes for a bit. Mine only wanted stretching in one little spot, so I popped an egg cup in side!

    Once I found these shoes worked for me, I got another 2 pairs the same, different colours of course because I am a girl after all! I doubt I'll ever get anything different, I will stick to what works...

  • Interesting! I was only thinking about this today - long time ago (before you were born! :) ) , we used to stretch leather shoes by stuffing them with wet newspaper and then wearing them. But I have never heard of something that would allow stretching of synthetic materials - do you have any product name for this?

  • I don't know of any brands Bazza, sorry, but I buy it in shoe repair shops ..costs about £3 (sorry don't know what that equals in Oz money, but it's not much)...or you could search on the internet.

  • I do the same CG. Buy multiple pairs of the same brand for when the pair I'm running in wear out. The bonus is you can wait for good deals.

  • Yes! I paid £115 for my first pair of Mizunos, then I got 2 pairs for £135 inc postage. I will be looking for some new ones when I get home in 2 months...

  • I have always found Asics Nimbus very comfortable - no pains or blisters. However I did find the N17 a little smaller, but that could also have been because I was now running longer distances in the warmer weather than last year when I wore the previous model. So I now use the latest model(18) in another half size bigger, but have the 17s at work for shorter runs and may be able to use them more in the winter when feet are less likely to swell. I do have a lot of socks with different thickness and warmth. I now swear by smartwool phd run socks (light and ultra light ); they are made of merino wool, have a womens fit and the thicker ones were great in the winter without being too bulky. Not cheap though.

  • Could it be that you need to buy a slightly bigger size or even just half a size especially if they start off feeling comfy but then get tighter as your feet swell ?

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