I've not done much running since last Monday - when my calf went twang towards the end of a run. I've done lots of walking though, and stretched afterwards. Yesterday was the first day I thought I could maybe run, so I did a very gentle couple of minutes - literally - and it felt okay.

I sort of thought I'd wake up early enough this morning to do a 20 minute run with the dog before I had to head over to Arundel to marshal at a running event, but I had a rotten night's sleep so that didn't happen. Instead, when I got to the event I found I'd been assigned a gate at the edge of the woods that was maybe 1k from the start - i.e. easy enough to walk back to use the loo, or grab a hot drink if I needed it 👍 - so I took the opportunity to run up and down the track for a guesstimated 15 minutes - I wasn't wearing running gear, but was wearing my trail shoes- then stretched using the trees for support.

I really enjoyed marshalling - everyone seemed to be in fine spirits, the sun was out - mostly - and even the threat of rain later in the afternoon didn't faze anyone.

Best sight of the day? "Runner since 1947" emblazoned on the back of the oldest competitor in the 10K.

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  • Go carefully on your calf at this stage - calf muscles can take a little time to settle and you don't want to push too soon and risk a nasty tear. ( I speak from experience, having had one a couple of years ago!😫) Fingers crossed you are back running properly soon.

  • Will do!

  • Oh no! Sorry to read about your calf. Twanging doesn't sound great 😩 Hope it feels better soon.

    Lovely photo.

  • It is feeling so much better. It was hard not to go out and run on it, but I knew it would be a mistake if I did.

  • Great photo, very atmospheric. Was it a Canicross event? Glad to hear that your calf is improving, take care though.

  • It was a mixed event - very small - with maybe 5 Canicross entries, 4 of whom were people I knew 😀 and one woman running with her border terrier (but not Canicrossing).

    I'm running a different friend's dog for her tonight - she's had dental surgery and isn't allowed to run - but not Taylor Beagle.

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