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Signed up for a 10 mile

So earlier this year I hit 9 miles and suffered an injury since then I have stuck to 10k I have signed up for a 10 mile run 8th October and I am really struggling every other run I'll only hit 4-5k then the others illl run 12k I can't get back into the full swing of it and only have 4 week to go!!!

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If you can do 12 km when you go out on your own for a training run, then chances are you'll be fine doing 16 km with all the excitement and atmosphere from an organised "race". So don't fret over it. Just try to get as many miles as you can in the bank over the next few weeks, even if it's many times short runs rather than few times long ones, it's all good for you.

And when you do show up to the start line, remember to take it easy and just enjoy the glorious 16 km - I'm willing to bet you'll have a grand time!


I assume you are only doing one long run a week ( I wasn't sure from reading your post?) You need time for your body to repair after a long run so it is good to keep the other two shorter anyway. Good luck.

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I am looking at a 10 miler in October although not entered yet. I am up to 7.5 miles with an 8.5 mile run next week. I have concerns about running that far and if my legs are strong enough. My current mantra is "every mile I run makes my legs stronger". It is my way of still going out every training run and doing what I can. At the moment my short run is 4.5 or 5 miles and my longer is 7.5 miles and increasing each week. Is it enough, I don't know. I get your concerns, really I do. Keep running your miles and give it a go.


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