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Feel like I'm actually starting to move on from C25K

Hello everyone, this is my first post on the Bridge to 10k forum since graduating from the NHS C25K prog at Easter. I've been trying to consolidate a three-times-a-week running habit with varying success (too hot, too humid, too summer holidays...) but nevertheless signed up for a 10k on 22 October to motivate myself.

I've created a MyAsics plan, and followed that more or less over the summer hols, with the odd break. At first it felt like I was taking a step back from what I'd already achieved, given that it started off with 2-3 k runs, but in fact I enjoyed the excuse not to push myself too hard. Now I'm back over the hump, and all my runs henceforth are longer than 4k.

Yesterday was when I really decided it was time to get serious. My programme said I had to run 4.8k, which is further than I am now used to. This required some careful preparation. I've been using Laura's stepping stones quite a lot - I like the gradual increase in bpm but the music is getting a bit old. I've also used the Stamina podcast regularly but I'm not sure I can hack that music any more - is it me or is it basically two songs for the entire 35 minutes? with two variations on the lyrics - "I want to be free-YAH" and "I just wanna dance the night away-AH". So. Fired up the Spotify, chose running playlists, flicked along until one caught my eye - Funky & Soul I think it was. Set it to 155 bpm and away I went.

It was great. I even kept going after my obligatory 4.8k and ended up doing 5.1 k - the furthest I have run since I completed my first and last 10K in 1995! I did find myself wanting to increase the bpm towards the end, but I'm not sure I trust myself to keep a steady pace on my own. My breathing settled down quite quickly and even at the end I found I wasn't gasping and coughing like I often am.

I think one of the reasons I found it so (comparatively) comfortable was the temperature - it was drizzling gently and around 17°C which is much nicer than the humid 25+ we've had for a few weeks.

My next run is a 4k, then it's up to a slightly scary 7.2 k. But after yesterday's outing I am confident I'm capable of it.

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Sounds good! I find the effect of music on running quite fascinating. If the beat's too fast then you can go like the clappers but today I had a sad song come up on my playlist and I got a bit emotional which really slowed me down!

It sounds as if you're really enjoying your running 🤗🏃🏃🏃 Good luck with the plan and for the race. Is there bling?


Thanks Irishprincess . Enjoying is a strong word but I suppose I am appreciating it... I think there may be bling involved, and pretty sure there's a t-shirt too :)

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Forget the t-shirt, the bling's the thing 🙂


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