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Cardio machines at the gym

I have now put together a 50 minute cardio workout which I can do most days at the gym. I use my HRM and don't go over 80% of my maxHR - although I do have to tell the machines that I am only 60 otherwise they have a heart attack. :) I find that about 10 minutes per machine is bearable for me - have done longer but they are a bit boring/painfull after 10 minutes. The first two, a hand grinder and a recumbent bicycle only work on upper and lower body and I find it difficult to get my HR up sufficiently with these two so I regard them as kind of warmups . Then I go to the elliptical and rowing machines for 10 minutes each and workup a sweat - THEN I have discovered this monster , which I have noticed everybody seems to avoid. I was a lather of sweat after using this one for 10 minutes ( 360 steps) fitnessscape.com/Merchant2/...

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Blimey, that looks tough, no wonder people avoid it. Great for your glutes though! The rowing machine was the one people avoided in my gym but we didn't have this one πŸ˜–


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