Need to keep motivated

I started the C25K journey back in April and graduated in July. Within 4 weeks I ran a 10k race as this was my goal. Now I have achieved this and finished the C25K programme, I don't seem to have the same motivation I had, now I've achieved my goal.

I've signed up for another 10k in October and what I feel I need between now and then is a structured programme to follow like C25K to keep me on track.

Any suggestions?

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  • Hi Eleanor, I'm no expert but couldn't you perhaps work on increasing speed? Perhaps aim for a better time on your next 10k to help keep you motivated👍

  • Yes that's a good idea, thank you

  • Interested in how you moved within 4 weeks to 10K any advice!

  • Hi Kim, I ran 2 5ks a week then one long run at the weekend adding 1k on the distance each week on the long run

  • Thanks I am trying to do the same. Just at 6.5k and will try and do 7.5 next week

  • Just booked Greenwich Park Christmas run 10K on 17/12 😱😱

  • Try a MyAsics plan. They're free, enter your details and they'll give you a training plan that you can follow. Choose the easy option and three times a week. You don't have to stick rigidly to the runs and you can change the pace, etc and then sometimes you get an adjusted plan. But if you like structure then this is a good way to go!

    Alternatively, you can always go out there and just run and enjoy the feeling 🙂

  • Parkrun on a Saturday?

  • I'm the same. Bit a rest. Thing is, running is now I your blood. Your motivation will return.

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