Need to get serious!

Need to get serious!

I have graduated from C25K and run every week three times. Furthest distance of 7K. I have lost 23 lbs but lately staying same and I know I am eating things I shouldn't and Christmas is coming too. Just want to be more serious about my health, and not settle in my running - 10K is definitely my next goal - any advice? I have put a picture of Jessica Ennis on my phone - hope she will inspire me

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  • 10k us definitely achievable. Try and increase your distance on one run per week gradually and keep it easy. If you then also vary the other runs, so e.g. do one as a speedy one (or try the speed or stamina podcast), then you should make progress. Well done on the weight loss - that is really great. Don't overdo tge Christmas eating, but don't feel guilty either if you indulge occasionally. It's not Christmas all the time after all :-)

  • That is a good idea. I ran 7.5k today (longest run so far), on Wednesday will do 5k as I have my eye set on some hills, then maybe parkrun on Saturday but focus on building speed

  • A huge well done on the weight loss Joolie. That's fab! Build up slowly on the long run, adhere to the 10% (or less) rule, cross train, stretch, use a foam roller and just use your body as much as you can.

    Christmas is a time for a little self indulgence. Don't beat yourself up, just remember for every mince pie you eat you'll have to go out for a 4 mile run!

    Great picture. Go you!

  • Please don't tell me that's right ?! - 4 miles per mince pie :-O !!

  • It's only once a year lucca!

  • The problem will be how many mince pies I eat :-)

  • Nah - she is exaggerating !! :) It's only about 1 mile for 1 mince pie. - and it doesn't really matter whether you walk it or run it - either way, it is still 1 mile !! :)

  • Getting serious sounds a bit too serious to me, Joolie.

    The advice already given will get you up to 10k safely but never forget that life and running should be fun. A bit of indulgence is good for our souls as long as it is not excessive. Moderation in all things, including running, is a recipe for a happy and healthy lifestyle. The degree of your indulgence may well alter as other factors assume greater significance in your life,eg. you may want to eat less simply because it impacts your running efficiency, but don't feel guilty about it, whichever way you go. You have already made a significant change to your health and well-being and maintaining the habit is the single most important thing that you can do for yourself now.

    Thus ends my sermon for the day!!

  • Funny! U r right I am doing well but I want to stay on track. No plans to be super fast or over train but don't want to slip back. I did 7.5k today and feel great about that, doing some hills and 5k on Wednesday and parkrun Saturday too - so fun is a major part of it. I know chocolate and food will b an issue over Christmas so will allow a couple of naughty days too

  • Keep going Joolie! I''m looking to do a 10k and I too have problems with eating things I shouldn't! Lost 10lbs in about 3 months so far though.

    I know I can do a 10k and hopefully in under an hour. I'm finding the long runs really enjoyable because I don't feel I have to push myself as I do in the shorter ones.

  • Great weight loss, Christmas will be tempting me with things I have given up - chocolate, crisps, fizzy drinks. I am going to allow myself Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Years Day but apart from that calorie counting continues. The first 10 minutes is the most difficult part anyway so once that is out of the way, keep going. I am 52 though so just small increases and see how my legs are - definitely no time for injury

  • Hi Joolie - as someone who is both trying to lose weight (2.5 st gone since summer - probably another 1st to go) and improve my running, you have all my encouragement !

    I find it helpful to completely divorce the two issues - i.e. not rely on the running to lose weight. Otherwise I find that I put to much pressure on the need to exercise and run the risk of stopping enjoying it. The weight loss is coming about as a drastic rejig of my diet - and I know that if for whatever reason I couldn't run (at all/as much) for a week or so, I'm not going to panic about it affecting my weight loss.

    So in your position, I would ask myself really, why do I want to get to 10k ? If it is just weight loss, then don't put pressure on yourself to increase the distance if you stop enjoying it :-)

  • Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I do remove fitness from weight loss. I think it is food and controlling calories that will enable me to lose another stone. Running is about improving fitnes and health - and mental health - I don't see running as aiding weight loss - I do it because I enjoy it, my confidence is improving and I love exploring new places. Mkeep up the excellent work, well done

  • I think you are right about the mental health aspect - the running really helps to keep a positive outlook and is a great confidence boost :-)

    I think you are doing the right thing by the sounds of it - just increasing your distances slightly each week, and doing some different, varied runs to keep them interesting. Can you set yourself some targets to aim towards to keep yourself on track ?

    Is there a local 10k race in the Spring that you could sign up for if you felt like it to keep your motivation going ?

  • Bless you, you won't give up on me will u? I think I am hard work though, I like running on my own. However, I do parkrun and also volunteer there sometimes too because I love the atmosphere of celebrating everyone from the fastest to the slowest runner. i have seen the organised events and just do not fancy queueing with hundreds of people to meander round together for 10k. I could plan and enjoy a lone 10k in the woodland and fields which to me would be just as good. I think we are all motivated by different things. I applaud those who strive to go faster, run half marathons etc, but not sure it is for me, who knows though what I might feel like doing next year - could eat my words (have done that many times before)!!

  • Hi Joolie, if I may add my tuppence worth. As someone who has lost nearly 80 pounds I found it best to ensure that there were some times when you don't have to beat yourself up over having some goodies or eating something that isn't necessarily on the calorie counted list, or you go over your allowed calorific intake for the day. Enjoy your Christmas and New Year then carry on as before, you have made the right choices and enjoying the running is key to that.

  • Do the BUPA 10k plan or join a running club. Or both! X

  • I like to be awkward because I do not want to follow a plan where there are recovery walks and I have increased my distance from 5 to 7.5k when my legs are ready without injury so carrying on with that. I have tried a couple of running clubs and really didn't like running at night (no daytime clubs) or paying someone three pounds to run the streets or even worse four quid to endlessly do laps on a pitch black running track for "fun"! I love running where and when I want, in the fields, woods, countryside for free! Thanks anyway, just like to be me LOL

  • I have just finished the BUPA 10k plan. The only walking is in 2 runs in weeks 1 and 2. Just ignore the walk bit and carry on running. X

  • Thanks for that information 😀

  • It so is... gradually increase your runs by 10% a week and you will get there...enjoy it and enjoy lots of christmas running...what better way to burn off the calories!!

  • I have increased slowly from 5k, furthest now is 7.5k and graduated 11 weeks ago but just make sure my legs are ok. The 10% rule is a very good guide but I ran 5k for several weeks before I felt able to do 5.5, then came 6, 6.5 and finally 7.5. Definitely expect to be able to do 10k sometime next year! Going to enjoy food at Christmas and keep up running X 3 times a week

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