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First decent 5k+ run in the rain!

It's been a struggle since graduating and I'm only just starting to reach 5k without fearing my imminent demise. Tonight I deliberated about going out as it really was wet but decided to go for it. Running in the rain, fantastic! Who knew?! It was the first run I've really enjoyed for a while and I managed 40 mins which should take me to about 5.3k I think! Autumn - bring it on!

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Well done - especially in the rain. Must try it when I get over being a wimp!


You must! I felt even more of a fool than I do normally but somehow I felt like a 'proper' runner too!


The rain is just... wet! This morning I got soaked... and loved it :)

Well done you! It does take determination or something, to go out in the rain... but when we do... wow!


I utterly love running in the rain! Wish it would rain here in Kent....


Sending it down your way tomorrow first class delivery from North Yorks!

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Running in the rain is surprisingly enjoyable! It keeps you cool, you feel like a real runner because you're obviously so dedicated (admiring looks from others huddled under umbrellas), your inner child can come out as you splash through puddles. The only problems might be chafing on long runs, or getting tired, having to walk and getting cold. But that hasn't happened to me yet!


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