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Bridge to 10K
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W2 R1

So off I went last night to start a rather delayed week 2 (I wanted to be comfortable with week 1 before progressing). Despite being interrupted by 8 gates (4 out and 4 on the return) and a bit of dodging the muddy puddles (not helped by the motorbike I came across on the path on Tuesday) I managed to complete the run. The return leg was slightly slower as I didn't quite get back to my start point. But I did three runs of 15 minutes and it felt reasonably comfortable. I was slower than week 1 as I was over 13 minutes per mile average but I did run further (3.6 miles). I certainly won't be completing 10k in 60 minutes but 10k will come with time (more than 60 minutes worth!)

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Firstly - don't even think about times. And those gates and motorbike... frustrating yes, but they will be benificial in the future. When I done the couch to 5k, I stuck to nice and straightforward routes. I done my own step-up to 10k on a fairly flat, easy route. My normal 10k route became dull and started to switch it up - then things started to change. Gates, puddles, uneven surfaces and walkers... I couldn't cope and it set me back. By working with the issues you have at this stage will be helpful as you move forward.

You are looking at your 10k time. I can do 10k in sub-50 minutes. I rarely do it though. I run to challenge myself, or enjoy being out and about. My 10k time is normally around the 57 min mark. When I done my first 10k I though there was no way I would get to this point - but I got here and much, much quicker than I ever thought was possible. You will surprise yourself.

I would suggest looking at the date you expect to complete the 10k program. Find a 10k race shortly after that date and sign up now. Once that date is set in stone, you will amaze yourself with the progress youcan make.

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Thanks for the words of encouragement. I am lucky that I can vary my route including running up a hill to have plenty of paths and roads to run around on the (reasonable) flat to run round before being rewards by the run back down. I will bear in mind setting a date for a 10k to give me a focus.


I progressed nice and evenly through c25k a year ago, but I've been all over the place with bridge to 10k. Good runs, bad runs, slow runs, great runs. It's certainly taken longer than the 6 week plan. I wouldn't worry about getting slower. Slower is good, at least I see that now with hindsight. Keep at it and don't rush into a race if you don't feel ready, but if you do, go for it!


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