12 minute test run

That was hard, for a couple of reasons (three if I include the wind and rain).

1) I haven't run since I made the mistake of walking 8 miles on Sunday (to figure out a new running route) in very flat shoes. But it was on my training plan so I thought I'd better do it, rather than skip ahead to the next longer run.


2) I had no dog with me at all, because Bella Dogga spent a large part of yesterday morning being sick, so I'm starving her for 24 hours, and decide to leave her snuggled up in my living room with my husband for company while I went out.

On the plus side, I finally seem to have got a handle on using the Garmin FR110 that I got for my birthday πŸ™‚ Now, if only I knew how to set Garmin Connect to display by time intervals instead of distance, I'd be a really happy woman.

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  • But you are getting there.. and that is all that matters!

    You were out there, dog-less, a new route, wind and rain and with scary technical stuff!

    I think that is a big win! :)

  • Well new route wasn't today, but yes πŸ™‚ and I do feel better for having been out.

  • Sounds great! Just getting out there.. I cannot believe how much I miss it, when I cannot do it!

  • You'll be back out soon though, yes?

  • I have done three post IC runs..well walk/runs..but posted it on C25K forum..getting back up to the running path...yesterday..3K...24 mins..just over..so slow and steady... as ever πŸ™‚

  • \o/

  • Sounds like a lovely birthday present! I would like to have a Garmin watch because Runkeeper on my iPhone is a bit inaccurate I think but I am not very good with technical stuff so probably wouldn't be able to work it ;) I do hope doggie is feeling better soon.

  • It's one of the older ones and actually very simple to use - once you catch on to what the helpful messages it puts on the screen actually mean.

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