Checking in

Checking in

Hey everyone, I know im not very good at this but its good to check in. I hope everyone is doing well!

Going through some big changes recently, I got a bit too busy to focus on running but was still doing 5k 3 times a week, had a week off with hip pain (due to body shape changes I think?). Things going well, had a parkrun PB streak of 8.. well 9 but one wasnt recorded :( , and approaching a time I never thought I would surpass for 5k, hoping to cross it later in the year :D

So as of 10 or so days ago I've upped my distance, trying to get around 20-25k per week, and increase slowly, just to get more volume in. Also will help if I sign up for a longer distance race. I'm also doing highly unstructured intervals, usually on the treadmill depending on what song comes on I will ramp up the speed for a short while, and getting some hill training in similarly. I still like the treadmill, feel like I am dancing on it sometimes rather than running, but do most running outside. The thing is I go to the gym on a rest day to use crosstrainer, and end up on the treadmill as I cant hold it back :) Its good for adding gradients also.

All my best to everyone hope you are doing great! Pic of the river Mersey, my fave running spot

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  • It's good to see you again Kally and to read what you've been up to. It sounds as if you're mixing things up brilliantly and enjoying the running 🙂

    And what a gorgeous photo.

  • Thankyou Irishprincess :) Yeah just enjoying the running, think since the race Ive not had a far ahead target in mind, now I'm entering another training phase, actually still not sure what my target is yet, but started training for it :p

  • I'm not on her much at the moment , but great to hear from you and that you are still running!

  • *here!

  • Thankyou Heavyhorse its great to see you too :D Hows the triathlon training going? Hope you are doing well :)

  • Yes I'm doing fine, have a triathlon on Sunday and a 40 mile cycle 2 weeks after! Have recently got a road bike so that has been taking a lot of my attention lately!

  • Oh wow that is amazing!! :) Well done heavhorse! A friend of mine was very into mountainbiking so I know how it can get with the bikes, even ended up getting one myself but its been unused realy, I cant keep it in my flat in manchester. Is it super light? :) Good look at the triathlon! How long will it be?

  • I have a mountain bike I'll be using for the tri as it's an off road tri, the road bike is really light in comparison, but not as light as the really expensive carbon ones! Triathlon last year took me 2 hr 7 mins but was a very rough swim! Hoping to beat 2 hrs this year but finishing is main priority rather than speed!

  • Tri is 750 m open water swim, 8 mile mountain bike and 4 mile trail run.

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