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This Evening's Footwear

Further to JaySeeSkinny's recent posts about her foray into barefoot/minimalist running (Go JSS!!), following the purchase of a pair of Vibrams, as running barefoot is something that I enjoy during summer months, for those who may be interested in trying it, I hope that the attached image from this evening's barefoot run demonstrates that it is something that can be enjoyed without ruining the feet.

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Aww, thanks for the encouragement! I'm pretty impressed with the barefoot running - but I'm not quite up to it yet๐Ÿ˜‚ What if you stand on a wasp / piece of glass / thistle / pointy stone......?

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You're welcome, JSS.

Like I said, start slowly, running shorter distances, allowing the legs and feet to adapt and you'll hopefully get there.

However, when running unshod, you have to pay considerably greater attention to what's lying on the ground ahead of you, meaning that eyes are fixed just a few feet in front, allowing dangers to be averted.

Thankfully, the surfaces upon which I run bare foot (usually block paved beach fronts and concrete), are largely clean and tidy. I do occasionally step upon small stones, leading to quick retraction of the foot (sensitivity still remains), but rarely do I cut or graze the skin upon the soles.

I do avoid raised tarmac, as it's an awful surface to run barefoot upon, hence the reason for purchasing the Vivo Eclipse sandals.


๐Ÿ˜ƒ. My feet are like leather but I do like some rubber under my feet on stony runs

I was out running on my stony trail yesterday and I noticed when I got home that my ankles and the backs of my legs were filthy! It was very dry and all dry dusty dirt had built up round the tops of my shoes etc I looked like did done a shift underground

Fun int it ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

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I wholeheartedly agree, misswobble.

When running upon rough or uneven surfaces, such as trail routes, a layer of protection is required.

I live close to a country park, where the paths throughout are lined with fine gravel. As such, when running around it, I don't even consider negotiating the surface barefoot or in my Vivo Eclipse, choosing to wear my Nike Flyknits instead.

Nonetheless, due to the dirt that's kicked up during my run, my Flyknits and lower legs are regularly covered in a layer of dust by the time I return to the car park. Admittedly, it is rather satisfying.

When running barefoot, however, since risk needs to be considered, I only ever run upon smooth tarmac, concrete or sand, where I'm able to see exactly what's ahead, avoiding grass at all costs, since holes and sharp objects are often well disguised.


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