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Best post c25k graduation run

I haven't run since Friday as I struggled on a 5k run around the common and had to walk some of the last .5k as I started getting a niggle in my ankle that got worse and had me limping for 48 hours. It felt really hard from the start, low energy, aches and pains and only got all the way round as my other half dragged me along.

...I've rested since Friday and decided to do a slow run to test whether the Ibuleve, ice and ankle support had helped and I opted for the treadmill so as not to risk aggrevating the ankle. I started off at a nice slow 7km/h and gradually built up when I was sure the ankle was holding up, ended up doing just over 6.5km in 43:50 av pace 6'42" with the last five minutes at 6'00"... I forced myself to stop when the 10k runner app ticked over to cooldown but really felt I could have kept going.

Who'd have though ten weeks ago when I struggled to run for 60 seconds without my lungs climbing out of my body that I'd be able to run for the best part of three quarters of an hour at a reasonable pace and still feel fresh at the end of it!

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Sounds fantastic Cliff...πŸ˜€

*Warning*Don't overdo it just because you feel you can. Several of our new graduates have injured themselves by doing too much too soon and been on the ic for months.

Don't think consolidating the 30 min run is too easy...you are still new to running and strengthening your legs.x


Good points Jan and a fair warning, the only reason I ran so long was because I went very slow for the first couple of K to test my ankle, almost an extended warm up. What I did do that was naughty was run through the two minute walk phase on the 10k app, for that I am suitability chastised and take my place on the naughty step :)

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Ha, not naughty Chris..just excitable..

You are doing fantastic..just take it steady..😎

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