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The app just ate my post ☹️

The app just ate my post ☹️

Pic: Sheep don't care where you do your stretches.

Long story short: I ran for 57 minutes this morning. There were gremlins. The gremlins were defeated. My knee currently hurts - just a bit - nothing that a couple of days tender loving care won't fix.

MapMyFitness training plan option is weird - hence the 57 minute run - and doesn't have 5 minute warm up and cool down sections as part of a run.

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They would also eat your app too if they could :) Go you... what a great run!

Looks a tad grey was very grey and damp here.. I walked..ho hum!

Just take care of that knee too! x

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It is very grey and very humid now, but it wasn't at 7am when I headed out.


It just isn't my day! I was playing with adding a photo to a workout in MapMyFitness and managed to delete the whole workout instead 😰. Think I'm going to make a cup of tea and have a bubble bath 🛀


57 minutes is weird! And sheep... you never know what they are thinking!

Sorry the app ate your run :( but you know you did it, well done. Hope you enjoyed your bubble bath and your cuppa :)


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