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Why have I never used Strava before?!


Feeling still a bit lost without an app on my phone to document my progress in some way, I today finally cleared up some space & installed the much talked about Strava on my phone. I went out for my third post-grad run, again exploring a slightly unfamiliar route this time, & although I still used the w9r3 narration on the app for my timings & motivation, I clicked Strava on to 'record' too. (Note that the c25k app didn't like this however, & I have found before that it pauses or even just stops completely when interrupted by another app or phone function, so you have to restart it at the point you left off.) Ok, so I haven't delved into all its cleverness yet but just being able to track my route, see what distance I'd covered & at what pace & then share that info with anyone who cared on social media, with a little description, was awesome. Simple things eh? But amazing nonetheless.

Now I just need to work out a playlist that suits my running pace... Another day though!

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