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My first 'grown up' post

I graduated c25k a couple of months ago and have been running three times a week since. I now feel ready to move on so I downloaded a free bridge to 10k podcast and off I went this morning. (Hence my first grown up post on bridge to 10k). After a delay at the door due to it raining and needing to put my phone in a plastic bag off I went. The podcast starts with an American voice - can I cope with this? Anyway it turns out that each section is marked by a ping followed by an instruction- let's hope it's not like Pavlov's dogs and I start running every time the microwave pings!

The first two runs were fine turning round on the second walk section, third run was fine but I couldn't get my breathe on the last run. I gave myself a serious talking to to slow down and continued to the finish. 3.3miles (5.3km) covered. My next run is scheduled for Monday when I'll do run 2. My third run for the week is Thursday after work when I don't really have time for run three so will 'just' do 25-30 minutes of running so it'll take me longer to progress through the weeks but I guess that's OK.

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That's absolutely fine. There's never a time limit for these programmes so just get through them to what suits you and your lifestyle.

I have an image now of you running every time you hear a ping 😂

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