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OOH! - this is harder than running!!!


I have now discovered the elliptical at my local gym - and have tried it out a couple of times as well as continuing with the recumbent bicycle ( as well as using the weight machines) . When I run I don't have to make much effort at all to get my HR up to 120BPM - but on the recumbent bicycle I have to push quite hard to get it up there and almost as bad on the elliptical. Anyway, today I did 40 minutes of steady cardio on these two machines ( at 120 BPM) and it was quite a workout for me and I found muscles that I haven't previously used when running. . It is of course completely different to running - but I should be able to at least keep the heart pump fit while I am waiting for my foot to repair itself.

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I think that is brilliant. Enjoy!

I use mine in different ways to complement the outdoor runs, and find terrific benefit from it, I used it after I broke my ribs in October and my leg strength and stamina really benefited from that, great after a bout of winter bronchitis too, building stamina back up...and it is great in winter when the roads and trails are too snowy or icy to contemplate :)

Husband walks every day ( not a runner) and he uses it, primarily, for heart health... it has made a terrific difference to him. I am sure you will find the same.


I don't like them as they give my achilles some bother.


Sounds great Baz! Have fun ✔️👍💪

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