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Week 7: Run 1 - Hot and Sticky

25 minute steady run.

I didn't get out quite as early as I intended but I think I still just about made it out before it was too hot for the dog (bless her).

We ran our usual loop, the usual way around so that we could make the most of any shade available. I felt that I could have run faster than I did, but I wasn't going to push it, not in this weather.

Sergeant Block tells me I still ran farther than I did when I ran 25 mins last week, and it was wet and windy then, so I'll take that as a win 🙂

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Well done! Good going Maddee. I was out at nine am with the dog. Walking though today. I ran on my own later. Very warm though still.

Nah, best not push too much in hot weather. There's always another day

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Thanks. I am not built for hot weather. I'd much rather run in the rain 😀

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