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Starting the program tomorrow!!!

Hi, in a crazy moment I have enrolled in the women's running series 10 k in September. Have, sort of, run 5 k, but not without stopping, so I have enlisted the help of the " running by George" program. It's a12week program, so should be achievable. Printed it off, put It on the fridge and am interested ending t o start tomorrow. I have had a few knee niggles lately so have had a couple of weeks walking and cycling. Think I will be fine to start this program.

Wish me luck!!!

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I don't know the 'Running by George' programme. Are you doing a 5k or 10k programme? This forum is a natural progression for those who have done the NHS Couch to 5K programme (running for 30 mins) and for anyone starting the bridge to 10k. Do make sure your knee is ok though before increasing distance/demand too much - the injury couch is not a fun place to be! That said, 10k is a great distance - good luck with your training.🙂

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Thanks. I'm doing the 10 k. Ill keep you posted.


Diga, which 10k are you doing?


Hi what website was this on and is it easy to follow? Many thanks


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