Week 6: Run 3 (Belt and Braces day!)

Week 6: Run 3 (Belt and Braces day!)

Today the plan was to run for 50 minutes with the usual 5 minute walk either side.

My other two runs this week were on the flat so, with that in mind, I headed over to the hill opposite. The route I wanted to run was a No Go as the farmer has crops growing in the field I wanted to run beside, and Bella (my Spaniel) has long floppy (seed trap) ears! So I ran the alternate - actually much more gentle, but with no downhill section before it - uphill incline that is wide turf paths with only patches of long grass here and there.

I had an audio book on to keep me company as well as to act as a rough time estimate in case my training app failed on me again. I also had MapMyFitness AND Strava running - I'm not a big fan of Strava but I've begun starting it as the run section of my app starts so it literally just measures that.

I think I've kind of got the not starting off too fast thing sorted, which is good because 2/3 of my route today was - for want of a better word - uphill. I do not have the clothing issue sorted - do any of us? - because once again I was out in a light jacket and a hat, as it was trying to rain when I left home.

Anyhoo, had to have a brief pause soon after I set out because of a small dog nipping at my ankles - it was more like he wanted me to stop and play than anything. Much later I had to do some running on the spot when someone's Daxie decided they wanted to come with me rather than stay with its humans. But apart from those incidents and accidentally pausing the app when I was really close to the end - I suppose I shouldn't have got it out of my pocket , but by then the jacket was tied round my middle and I was worried I'd missed the app's 5 minute warning vibration (which I had) - I was moving the whole time. Actually longer than the whole time - let's call it 52 minutes (I totally forgot to turn Strava off as soon as I furnished runningπŸ™„)

So a slow and steady run for the win, but wow my legs are feeling it.

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  • Good one! Ditch the jacket at this time of year. You only need one layer even in the rain πŸ™‚

  • I thought I'd get away with it because I had a summer running t-shirt on underneath. Plus, I still haven't unearthed the thing for carrying my phone on my arm - that I know is in this house somewhere! - and jack has a pocket...

    But yes. Really not needed.

  • Only just seen your post....oh yes, spaniel ears and grass seeds=scratching, irritation and ear infection (nightmare!). I use an ear cleaner regularly now and that really helps clear out any debris. Sand is also a big irritation. Glad your run went well despite the interruptions!

  • Yes! The first year I had her she got a really nasty ear infection from a grass seed, not nice : (

    What ear cleaner do you use?

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