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Went on a different route did think different things to see different people to nod to hardly saw a sole but some nice river views and a few animals and birds to see .

All started very well and was surprised the first 15 mins went quite quickly with no Gremlins after he first couple of mins .

Got to twenty minuets then decided to turn around then old age set in was i supposed to run for 30 mins or 40 mins .

The Gremlins then chirped in and said surely it must be 30 mins,

I had done 30 mins Thursday so it had to be more and i know that most weeks i will add 5 ins to the longer run and i all so knew 1 run was 10 mins longer so i thought ok lets go for 40 mins,

By the time i got to 35 mins was looking at the stop watch on my wrist which is supposed to illuminate when i twist my wrist to look at the time which it normally does .

but today i had to push the button to illuminate it and did not realized that it all so stopped it so when 2 mins later i pressed it again it had only moved a few seconds i thought i must have miss read it until it happened again .this time it was at 39 mins and when i looked again a few mins later it had stopped again. So i did .

when i got home and checked the app as it records runs automatically when it senses the person is running (did not think i moved that fast )

well it said i had run for 46 mins and to add insult to injury i was only supposed to run for 35 mins .

So i'll take that as a win over the odds and the Gremlins

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Well done 😃

If you feel very tired, stop and get your breath back. Do so as you need to. It can save many a run.


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