Week 6: Run 2 ( 🎶 she runs by the river! 🎶)

Week 6: Run 2 ( 🎶 she runs by the river! 🎶)

Sincerest apologies to The Clash for the worst paraphrase in history. I like to 'run by the river.' Most often that means I am literally running beside the water on grass tracks. Other times - especially if I'm doing a tempo session - it means I'm on this hardtopped bridlepath that's a few hundred yards farther east.

Today - for the first time ever - I ran out of hardtop before the halfway point of my run 😀 so ended up on the grass track beyond the footbridge.

The footbridge used to be my end marker, as in 'I just need to make the bridge, please let me not die before the bridge; then I'm nearly finished and can walk.' but quite recently (or so it seems) became my halfway marker. I genuinely am not sure how or when that happened.

Looks like I now need to make my halfway marker the supports for the road bridge!

TL:DR - I'm pleased with myself. I managed a jog, tempo, steady run - 10 minutes at 8min/k, 7 minutes at 6min/k, and a final 10 minutes at 7min/k. All without music.


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4 Replies

  • What a lovely setting for a run, you must love it. Well done in extending way past the bridge as well! :)

  • I really do. I always feel incredibly grateful that I have 'Scenery' to run through. 😀

  • Looks a great place to run :) well done for extending your run, does that mean you are running faster or just further? Sorry I probably misunderstood - getting late ;)

  • Sure I replied to this this morning!

    Bit of each I think, plus the timings on each part of the run change. This was the first week I've done more than a couple of minutes at a time at tempo or fast speed.

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