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The roller coaster of running

Completed c25k a few weeks ago. Run every other day, alternating with spinning. Trying to build up stamina and speed with c25k+ podcasts. About a week ago did my longest run ever of 45 minutes, 6.3k. Smugly thinks this is going OK!

Woke Monday morning with unexpected pain in left hip?!? Ran/ walked for 20 minutes, and today could manage only 6 minutes of running before hip pain stopped me.

Don't feel very smug now!! Hope this settles soon, so I can get back on the roller coaster.

Keeeep running 🏃

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Hi there ! It does throw us a bit when we get these twinges.

You graduated a couple of months ago, so maybe, are you pushing a little bit too hard?

I know, like a few of us , I did quite a few runs just for the pleasure of running, for a few weeks after Graduation, consolidating those 30 minute runs too; and then started on the C25K+ podcasts after that... doing each one for a week each ( three runs each week).

Then my path, ( and we are all different), took me into trying different things to build up stamina and ( vicariously) speed:) I tried Strides, intervals all sorts of things:)

Besides your spinning on your rest day, maybe fit some other exercises in... there is so much benefit to be gained from some of the exercises for our stamina and core strength... I enjoy using some of the , 'short and simple' strength exercises for runners.. I think I posted a link in another post somewhere...

This article in Women's Running is interesting too..

Hope it settles for you and you are back on track soon anyway :)


Good link Floss :)

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Thanks for your suggestions Oldfloss. I do try and get some other forms is exercise / stretching etc in, but it is a bit hit and miss. I am going to try some hip stretches as well, which have been sorely lacking.

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Keep trying Liz-is-trying :) Although maybe have a little recovery break first. When I was increasing my distances last summer I also got that hip pain and had to take a bit of time out for it to recover. Have you looked into stretches that focus on that area? This is my original post about my hip pain, look through the replies there are some great hip stretch suggestions :)


Thanks for the ideas Ruth. Yes, I will ease off the running for a short time, hopefully, and expand my stretching repertoire, and hope it goes as quickly as it came!?!

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Mine is totally under control now I do the stretches. But I took about 3 or 4 weeks off running at the time although partly due to going away for Glastonbury! Sounds like you've caught yours early :)

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