Back up & running

I am so excited today because of two things:

1) it is my first day back running after an enforced 2 week resting period due to left SI joint pain and

2) I am starting bridge to 10K program

I will of course be like a tortoise & not a hare; gently & slowly will be today's mantra but first this morning I will be a Marshal at my local parkrun.

Happy running everyone xx

4 Replies

  • Wishing you an excellent and very enjoyable return back to running Dhiny :)

  • I joined the tail runner for the last 1.5k today & jogged/walked it without any problems, just a slight twinge in my hip after sitting down so I am very pleased with that - I have missed running 😊

  • Great that you're back running! And there is nothing wrong with running slowly :) At least, no one's thrown me out of this club yet :D

  • I just ran st my own pace yesterday to see how my SI joint coped & today started the bridge to 10K proper without any issues. Interval training on Tuesday 🙃

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