Blimey, who turned the heating on!

I went out today for another training run and boy that was hot, hot, hot! I was dripping wet when I got back having cut my 6 mile run back to 4 miles. I know, it was only 21 degrees C but considering the weather has been much cooler it was like a mini heatwave! I had to dig out my vest and cropped leggings yet shorts were probably a better idea. Think some running shorts shopping is in order! Does anyone else find it harder running distance and pace in the heat?

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  • I try not to run in anything over 20 C. Which meant my running in August last year was pretty restricted. I'm hoping that I'm better acclimatized this year, but I'm not holding my breath!

  • I like that idea lol. Unfortunately my two events are June and July, didn't think that through did I!!

  • I am training for a 10k and Monday was my long run (11.5km) and boy was it warm! Three things I learnt: change to vest and shorts, bring water and avoid going at midday!

  • Yes I am looking to buy shorts but the locals are going to have to suffer my white legs!! I hate carrier my water bottle but I might have to for 10k in the sun.

  • Every year as the temperature goes above 14C in Spring I wonder how I am going to get through the summer :D then I remember that I do successfully run (sort of) in 25C and over. It ain't pretty but it's possible. However, when possible, I go early to get it done before the sun really hots things up!

    I bought shorts for the first time last year but still hate the way I look in them. All my other capris are black, though, so not the best idea for a cooling run! I have a long run planned for this week so I will just have to grit my teeth and hope that everyone will be blinded by the light reflecting from my fish-belly white legs :(

  • Love it, I have legs like that too. Shorts are coming out with the sunglasses! I hope I acclimatise quickly.

  • Oh, without a doubt it's harder, the humidity some days later year was awful. Struggled to 10 miles this morning, not done that for a while so probably would have struggled anyway but was glad I put it off yesterday when it was even hotter.

  • Ooh 10 miles in the heat, that is the distance I would like to get to after I have done these two 10k events. My legs were tired yesterday but looking back I did three runs last week, monday 6mile, Thursday 6miles and Saturday 3 miles, then I had awful sleep Saturday and Sunday night's so I was shattered Monday for my 6 miler. The heat didn't help so I wisely cut short. I will try again on Thursday with shorts!

  • That's a lot of running. Have a 10 mile race the weekend after next and wanted to have done the distance beforehand - set out to try for 11 but was on my knees long before. Good luck with the shorts.

  • Good luck with the 10 mile event! I think that is my 10k event weekend. I might have to ask you for 10 mile training plan tips.

  • Yep, takes you by surprise doesn't it....I did a 10k 'race' on Sunday, 9.30 start, but still had to have walk breaks to get my breathing under control, legs were fine, will just have to take abit of time to get used to it again.

    And as for shirts and vest - been in those for weeks 😄, I'm past the point of caring what I look like, but am getting a shorts and sock line on my legs 😂......


  • I have shorts and sock line envy lol. My short sticks are bleach white as usual.

    My breathing felt harder yesterday so maybe it was the heat. Though I have been a bit hoarse over the weekend too and the little people have snot. Either way i will try harder!

    What shorts are good for ladies, the cycling short tight fitting or the looser type that mo farah runs in?

  • Eeuurrggghh small people with away.....🏃‍♀️.....😂

    As for shorts, I tried the flappy Mo Farah sort, they were ok but once I was doing longer distances 10k plus, and getting a bit sweaty, I got a bit of rubbing/chafing on my upper legs, so swapped to the cycling type (capri's just shorter....😄 - NOT actual cycling shorts with the padded bit 😳) I'm a happy bunny now.....

    Hope that helps.


  • Did you see the first British girl to finish at London this year - she had very impressive shorts lines, so you are in good company Madge.

  • I'm quite proud of them actually...... mind you it does make you aware how much the sun gets you, even on cloudy for those 'elites' not sure I could wear the skimpy knickers they do! That would not be a pretty sight! 😂


  • I am only brave enough to wear Capris. I ran this evening when it was cooler. Lovely it was too

    White legs can be cured by the application of some Dove tanning moisturiser. It's really very nice and has a shimmery effect. Not expensive either.

  • It's not often that I run in cooler temperatures than those of you in the UK, but I did have a lovely cool run yesterday afternoon and there was even a breeze which helped. It was apparently 23 degrees, but it did feel relatively cool :)

    Hmm tan lines - not a problem from shorts as I never wear anything where these would notice, but sock lines = BIG DISLIKE. Even if I go round in sandals and trousers, my feet remain stubbornly less tanned than my legs :(

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