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Does this count?

Hi! I'm trying to build up to running 10k. I'm on week 2 and have completed the 3k and 5k runs. I went to do the 6 k this morning. Started out fine, ran for just over 3k, but I was doing a new route. I turned to come back, but got totally lost! I had to walk for about 1.5k to get back on track (thank goodness for google maps). Once I was back on familiar ground I started running again and managed to complete another 3k. Does this count as 6k or should it really be non stop?? Actually not sure I could it in one go anyway. 🙄

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That's not quite a 6km run, is it? That's a 3km run, a 10 minute walk and another 3km run. To be honest I don't know what comes up in week 3, but I'd suggest repeating W2r3 if W3r1 looks challenging. Your heartrate will have practically recovered during the walk.

On the positive side, there is nothing I like more than getting a bit lost on a run, and exploring new places. And you can run 5km, so there is no reason why you cannot run 6km, even if you go especially slowly the first time.


The whole point of a training plan is that it builds your stamina in a gradual way. It is not a check box exercise. It is the running that counts, not ticking off the run as completed. Why not repeat it, hopefully without getting lost, and you certainly won't suffer for it.


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