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10k training plan advice please...

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Hi everyone

I graduated from c25k about 8 weeks ago and then immediately sprained my ankle quite badly (not running), since then I have been for a run about 2 weeks ago and then ran twice this week. My stamina is definitely not where it was, but not too bad. This week I ran 7k in 57 minutes (I walked one km in the middle) and ran a good solid 5k a couple of days later. I have just signed up for a 10k in September and want to make sure I build up both my speed and my stamina. I wondered if there is a recommended plan or website that you can point me to help me get to a place where I am running a comfortable 10k. Ideally I'd like to improve my speed too ... so any tips on whether I focus on distance or time first would be helpful. Thanks!

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Glad your injury is better. 😀

Take a look on the right hand side at the pinned posts, you'll see our own ju-ju- has a C25K up to 10k plan.

It's a nice relaxed plan which gets you to 10k in 6 weeks.

I did it and can highly recommend it:)

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Joolez in reply to Davoda

Thank you - will check it out

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ju-ju-Graduate10 in reply to Joolez

I hope you find them useful.... 😎

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ju-ju-Graduate10 in reply to Davoda

Thankyou so much, and I will be doing another soon 😎

I would start by consolidating where you are at the moment. The C25K+ podcasts are great for this. Start with Stepping Stones then try Stamina and Speed (which is interval training while the others are building your stamina).

You then have a few choices - follow a programme like Sam Murphy (which I never succeeded in downloading despite the numerous occasions it has been recommended here), or set up a MyAsics plan to get to 10k on your race day, or do your own thing... which could be 3 runs a week that look something like:

1. 30 minutes/5k whichever you have become comfortable with

2. Speed podcast or other interval/hill work

3. Extend your 30 minutes/5k by a certain amount each week - this should be run at a comfortable pace where you can talk.

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Stepping stones ! Yay! 😃👍

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