A fun 5k

A fun 5k

I've been trying to stick to my Asics plan for the HM in September but there was a local fun run yesterday and my 9 year old wanted to do it. We had a great time, the run was really good on a flat course and very well organised. He managed really well and we mostly ran at a slowish pace with some breaks for walking when he got tired. We made it round in 34 minutes :)

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  • Oh well done young man!!! And you also Ioisamelia :)

  • Thanks John. I couldn't post more than one photo in the post otherwise I'd have inflicted my ugly mug on you all too!

  • I never knew before that what "ugly" means in your part of the world is the opposite to what it means here! ;)

  • That's almost as fast as me, and I run the whole way. Aren't children amazing?

  • They certainly are. He finished ahead of me of course. Sprinted for the line after being dead beat just round the corner beforehand! He's already talking about the next one!

  • He will have a fit and healthy life thanks to you getting him hooked on running g :) Well done Super Mum :)

  • Well done to both of you and what a great photo! 🙂🥇

  • Lovely photo, what a great event! I love seeing children focused and enjoying their running. You are obviously leading him by example, well done to you both!

  • He looks like he's really enjoying it, you must be very proud xx

  • Well done you two 😃 That's the way to do it. Fun too, which is how it should be

  • Great picture! He looks determined. A nice way to spend time together.

  • yeay... showing Mum how it is done.. with a bounce and a smile ... wonderful!

  • Lovely photo and a really great time for a 5k with walking breaks ❤️

  • Yes well done both. if you had walk breaks you had to be tonking it for the rest of the time to get 34 mins. And a sprint finish!

  • Great run & a great cause. I have experience of the wonderful care at St Elizabeth Hospice when my Dad was ill. And very nearly worked at Martlesham Heath (ended up in Woodbridge by an ironic change in circumstances instead).

  • Thanks everyone. I am a very proud mum indeed :) ow to get him some proper shoes and gear ;)

  • Wow, what a great photo and fantastic time! I hope he feels proud of himself :)

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