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I am so totally fine after yesterday's accidental 9k - so much walking that it still doesn't really feel like it was a run - that I am sorely tempted to go to tonight's planned Canicross outing (beginners' 5k) and run. Except- I'm going on a Canicross run tomorrow, and have promised a friend that I will give her a very gentle 5k suited to her, and running tonight and tomorrow morning is definitely Not a Good Plan.

I'm currently debating 2 options:

1) Do my scheduled 5k-10K 20 minutes steady run before I run with my friend.


2) Treat my run with her as a warm up and then do my 20 minutes.

And wow! I'm pretty sure I never thought I'd contemplate completing 5k - at any speed - as a 'warm up'.

If it helps, 20 minutes steady run equates to roughly another 3k for me.

I'm kind of leaning toward option 1).

Thoughts anyone?

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I'd go for option 2. I'm thinking you mean 20 mins at 5-10 k pace?

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Yes. My steady run used to be 7:30 min/k. But it's now definitely somewhere between 6 and 7 depending on the weather and the hills (or lack of them 😀)


Mmm, I am thinking option 2. I am thinking that you say a 'gentle' 5k and also you may need to stop and start and also walk a bit. But I suppose if you do option 1 you will be fresh....not sure!

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Friend is definitely a stop, start, walk person. 🙂 She canicrosses for the social aspect for her and her dog more than the exercise itself.

I was thinking it would be nice to be fresh for mine as I know she's not working to a plan. Also - thought just happened - if she wants to go for a cuppa and a sit down afterwards, I'd feel bad saying no.


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