Accidental 9k

Accidental 9k

Took part in a Canicross beginners run today - actual beginners at running not like some of the people we've had join recently who are actually used to marathons and whatnot, just not with their dogs - so lots of walking and rest breaks. We got a bit turned around in the woods, so what was meant to be 5k turned into a smidge over 9k!

Just so you know, today I was powered by an English Pointer - coincidentally called Bella, just like my spaniel ๐Ÿถ She was so polite and a treasure to run with.

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  • Wow that was just a bit longer lol. Thank goodness for some doggy power! Do you borrow a dog for this or take your own? My dog is a fast running staffy who would have me dragging behind in a very undignified manner!

  • I normally run my Spaniel and my daughter's Beagle together, or just the Beagle on her own (my Spaniel doesn't really pull). Today though my friend's 9 year old wanted to run a dog and the Beagle seemed the best match for him, so I was borrowing.

    We do have a couple of ladies run with us who either don't have a dog, or can't run the dog they do have and they regularly borrow off other people in the group ๐Ÿ˜€

    Staffies really enjoy Canicross

  • Some 5K :)... Wow.. go you... doggy power... I like the sound of that :) Did the beginners enjoy it ?

  • Doggy power is wonderful.

    The beginners did, luckily they all had more than basic levels of fitness, and we did do a LOT of walking.

  • Doggy Power!!! (I sometimes run and walk in the woods behind my house, and have been known to take a wrong turn and end up going in completely the wrong direction for a while!!!)

  • It is so easily done.

    Today we got to a 5 way junction and needed to get to a doggy watering hole. 3 people said they knew the way and pointed to 2 different paths. We went with the majority. It was a pond that none of the rest of us had ever been to ๐Ÿ˜† The dogs had a great time and then we had to run back up the way we'd come.

  • Sounds a great run/walk, enjoyed by all I am sure :) Bella looks nice to run with.

  • She was SO nice to run with, never went too fast for me, just kept the line taut And pulled just enough to be helpful. I felt like I could go for miles ๐Ÿ˜€

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