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Double Running

Hi folks,

Just wondering if anyone has tried breaking their run down to two runs? E.g rather than running a 10k in one run, running 5k in the morning and then 5k in the afternoon/evening at a different pace.

If so, what was your experience of this approach?

I have read that some runners do this with some benefits including enhanced recovery.

Any views on this appreciated.

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I haven't heard of this and I'll be interested to see responses. I must admit to being a bit confused about the benefits of this approach. I'm trying to build up my distances and this seems as though it wouldn't do that. If I did 7k in the morning and another 7k in the afternoon, the next time I went out would I find 14k easier? Is that the theory?


I have done a group run 5k, had a cuppa with them for about an hour then run a seperate 5k on my own. Not massively spaced out, but two runs I guess still. On the second 5k I had sort of forgotten about the first 5k untill the last mile or so where it was hard going. Fine recovery wise, but am usually ok after a 10k anyway. I will probably do this a bit more over the Summer - just because it works logistically for me - I didn't know it was a 'thing' ! Oh, I counted it as 2 x 5k rather than a long run, so I guess it will work in upping miles too, bonus :)


It seems counterintuitive doesn't it? But it does indeed seem to be a 'thing'.

From what I can gather there is some science behind it, with the logic being that two shorter runs provides greater aerobic stimulus as you are running twice, together with increased blood flow and easier recovery as you are not beating your body up like you do on a long run.

It apparently also helps with muscle fibre development and increases oxygen carrying capacity.

From what I can gather it definitely does not replace long runs for endurance, but assists in the development of endurance by adding mileage in a way that puts less stress on the body and therefore reduces the chance of injury.

In conclusion, it seems to me to be a way of squeezing in an extra running session!😀 I think I might try this once a week and see how it goes......


Nah!!! Two showers..........what a waste of water!

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