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ouch follow up

well the pain is only there when actually walking now and is very minimal and as a mechanic my job involves walking all day any thing from 6000 to 16000 steps.

the pain does not seem to be a muscular it seems to be in the hip joint and is only there when i put my foot on the floor for a second and as i said its very slight now after 2 days

Has anyone else had this should i rest it longer or just try it tonight and see what happens and stop if it gets worse

thanks brian

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I had that it a bit after c25k, a tight hamstring or iliotibial band? (the ligament that runs along the outside of the thigh). You may feel a dull ache, burning, rubbing, or popping sensation on the outside of your hip. Initially pain appears during or after a run. Hopefully the pain will fade with rest, and take it easy. Gentle stretch the areas mentioned..


I thought this post might help you out - when I had hip pain last summer it was a lot like what you describe. And it turned out there was lots I could do via stretching if you look through all the helpful replies :)

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It could be hamstring, ITB, glutes. Stretches, foamroller, yoga, all good. But you really need to know what it is first so that you dont cause any more damage.

Hope its sorted soon.


I would wait a bit longer - and check out the link from Ruth for stretches. Hope you are back out there soon🙂.


I experienced some pain in the hip/groin and found that a two week running break (I went away on holidays in Sri Lanka and it was too hot and humid to run) solved the problem completely.


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