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running down hill ???

In brief was wondering what folks here thought about the merits of running down hill as apposed to running on reasonably flat ground.

The reason being i live in the south wales valleys and there are no shortage of hills and of recent years i have started walking up and down them as a prelude to running .

I have now completed c25k during which time have missed my up hill walks as walks on then flat just are not the same.

I have avoided my walks while training for c25k as i know a walk on rest days is ok but my walks in general are not gentle .

in have however in the last few days added a few walks while i decide which program to follow next .

The short walks that i have in mind for evenings would involve a 3 to 4 mile walk up a hill usually rising about 1000 feet which would take me 1 hour to 1 hour 20mins

have a 5 min rest then run back down which would take me 30 to 40mins .

I known the run back down is not maybe as hard as a run on the flat but as id just walked the same distance up the hill .Would i be able to use that as one of my 3 runs for my build up to 10 k

I not sure if i will follow an app for the 10k or just as some have continue with 5 k runs and add 10% distance each week ( or add distance as i feel i can if 10% each week is a bit much ) so i would do

1 hill walk/run

1 x 5k flat

1 extending 5 k run

your thoughts would be a help .

I suppose the aim would be one day to run up and down

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Believe it or not running downhill really works those quads and glutes but be careful to maintain good form as it can wreak havoc on your hips and knees.

There are many pages on the web dedicated to running downhill like this one

Hope this helps


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