15 km - a nice Easter present to myself

I managed 15 km today, my longest yet (and one of the challenges I set myself on the Quest). My pace was reasonably consistent, in fact I think I'm turning into a one pace runner. 7:30 per km whether I run 5, 10 or 15 km at the moment. My fastest kms were well into the run at 10, 11 and 12 - God knows how, I was feeling tired by then. But well pleased with the distance. And I've earned my Easter goodies I think (gin and lamb, not chocolate).

Happy running to everybody and Happy Easter!

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  • Well done! I'd say you've earned your easter treats :D

  • Well done - that's a great distance! Enjoy your gin and lamb!🙂

  • Brilliant distance JSS. A well earned tipple I would say 🏃🏻‍♀️🍸

  • Fantastic, very well done - 15k, that is great. Was it your usual route or did you need a new route to get that distance?

  • I was working out a route before falling asleep the night before (and dreamed a lot about running). It was my usual route, extended a bit and with an extra loop. Wasn't quite sure if it would be 15k, but it was actually longer. I can still add in another 1km, but after that will need to re-plan if I don't want to end up running in circles.

  • Congrats Jaysee that's really epic. Really good you kept the pace going. I also like getting into a rhythm at around 7:30, when I can find it that is...

  • The last few long runs I slowed down quite badly over the last 2 kms, but this time I managed to keep the pace up. Didn't feel like it though! And I'm a bit stiff today!

  • I had a really fast pace at the end of my running club run last week, under 5min/km. It didn't feel like I went amazingly fast at the time although I remember there was a good long stretch at the end that I really got into. I think if a long run feels comfortable then the body can do amazing things :)

  • Wow, that is really fast. You're doing brilliantly at the running club. I love your posts! Very encouraging as you seemed to be struggling for a while.

  • I was struggling big time. Thought the asthma was going to ruin everything! Still being cautious. The inhaler is quite bulky in my running belt but it has to come with everywhere now. Also the job situation wasn't helping either but things are better now. I'd love to be regularly running long distances and naturally fall into a comfortable pace with it. I miss my long trail runs without having to stop for traffic, so need to make sure I run outside the running club too. Enjoy your well-earned rest today :)

  • Wow, that is very speedy Ruth!!

  • That is a great distance, JZ! The wise ones say, if you can run 10 miles, you can also run a half marathon, so you are very close...

    I am envious of your ability to run at a consistent pace, I find that very difficult. But I am wondering - if you can run 15 k in pace 7.30, wouldn't you be able to run 5 k faster, if you wanted to? Have you given it a try? Or is speed not relevant?

  • It's very odd, but my "normal" 5ks on work days aren't much faster (at the moment) and yesterday I found the first 5k quite tough and it was a lot slower than my second. Maybe it's the time of day, maybe I need a holiday. I can do shorter interval runs at a faster pace, but the faster 5k is eluding me at the moment. I'm not too bothered though, as I'm concentrating on distance. I know I need to shake things up but the temptation of long distances is too great at the moment!

    Plus I've never been a fast starter! Ever. My first km is nearly always my slowest, by a long way and I regularly get negative splits.

  • Negative splits are supposed to be the way to go! Not really happening for me - my first km is always my fastest :-(

    No need to worry about speed - and definitely not while you are working on distance - trying to go further and faster at the same time could put you on the IC :-)

  • I suppose we're all different! Sometimes I wish I could start faster - that first slow km regularly pulls me down. But that's something to work on later. There's always something to work on!😎

  • Please explain 'negative splits' - I am new to all the vocabulary! :)

  • It means you get faster in the second half of the run. The opposite of starting off really fast and slowing down. It's supposed to show that you're still strong at the end of a run. I often get steadily faster on a run (still don't feel strong though!).

  • That is brilliant! Well done :)

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