Little quiz - Answer on Monday

Little quiz - Answer on Monday

This is just a little bit of holiday fun, please do not take it to seriously.

If a 70kg 50 year old women was to go for a 10km run on the flat and it took her 90 min. How many Cadbury mini eggs would she burn in calories. If one mini egg = 3g 16.5kcal

Round the answer up because no one can just eat 1/2 a mini egg! 😀

I will post the answer on Monday.

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  • 38 (but then she would be sick).

  • But if she were sick she could then eat a few more to make up the calories lol.

  • I don't know and I hope you "show us your working" when you reveal the answer. :)

    But I have an elderly aunt who cycles. She knows how far she needs to cycle to justify (in calorie terms anyway!) a bottle of red wine...

  • I love your aunt's way of thinking Anne 🍷

  • 36! :) - the rule of thumb that I use is that 1 mile of running or walking burns about 100 calories ( pace doesn't matter much because a faster runner will do that mile in a quicker time than a slower runner - and then sit on their bum waiting for the slower runner to arrive) - so 10K =approx 6 miles =600 cals - divided by 16.5 for each egg =36 :) MarkyD eating 38 eggs will get fat!! :)

  • Mmm..... well, my maths is really bad and it is late so I will need to think about it - while I am thinking could I nibble a few eggs please! ;)

  • I'm going for 39. I was going to say I wish, but actually I don't think so - not all at once anyway!

  • There are many different ways to estimate calorie burn during any activity but it really depends, of course, on the running efficiency of the individual.

    Most of us, being relative beginners, will have inefficient running styles and will tend to expend more energy than the sort of calculations provided by Garmin or Strava.

    As such, I will guess that the woman in question would burn in the region of 700 calories which is the equivalent of 42 mini-eggs.

  • It doesntvreally matter as she wont eat any. She will give them all to forum friends to scoff😀

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