I just ran a half-marathon

I just ran a half-marathon

Wasn't sure if it was going to happen soon, but with a bit of planning (carb loading yesterday evening) and the decision more or less made yesterday evening I decided to go for a HM this morning (it's a Bank Holiday here in Germany). My little rucksack was packed with water bottles, fruit for energy and a light jacket just in case I got stranded hot and sweaty far from home and had to walk back.

The weather was perfect, 15 degrees C, sunny but with the occasional cloud and off I went. The aim was to go really slowly and not get near my heart rate maximum. This was just to see if I could do the distance and I planned 3 hours. Part of me said I could walk it in that time, but common sense prevailed and I was indeed very slow.

My chosen route took me out to a local lake, which is my favourite route at the moment, then across fields to the next town with its castle and beer garden. This is very familiar territory, all my long runs so far have been in this area. What I didn't know was that my planned footpath about 5 km from home was blocked off. Fortunately there was a big sign - and fortunately I noticed it - but it meant backtracking and added another 2km to my route. That was a bit demoralizing, especially as I was getting tired by then. The last few kms were not particularly fun, but they never are and I finished my 21.1km about 2 km from home which showed me that I'm really getting a good feeling for distance. This route had been planned in my head and if I hadn't had to backtrack I would have been spot on.

And during most of the run I felt really good. Trotting through woods at 8km I felt I could run for ever, at 15 km I decided to skip the 1 min walk I allowed myself every 3km because my rhythm was fine. The last 5 km were faster than the first 5. It was actually fun!

I have to say though that 21 km is a long way and I won't be doing this every week.

Blimey, my first half marathon! And a picture to prove it!

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  • Wowzer! Go girl go!

    We knew you were up for this JSS, from your previous posts it was clear you would be doing a HM any time soon. And you have! Fantastic run, congratulations!

    Don't forget the badge! πŸŒŸπŸƒπŸΌβ€β™€οΈπŸŽˆ

  • I'll claim the badge when I've done it twice (just so I know it's not a flash in the pan!). Gives me an incentive to do it again....... some time!

  • Congratulations on you HM milestone!

  • Fantastic running! I cannot imagine running that distance at the moment. I had a love/hate relationship with my 10k this morning in temps of 23 degrees C. Maybe I need an energy injection!

  • You're a speedy runner - and quite ambitious - and I have no doubt you can get to a HM if you want to. Mind you running in 23 degrees C is no fun, I was glad it was quite cool this morning. It's supposed to go up to about 28 degrees C at the weekend - gulp. Good job I got my long run out of the way today!

  • There must be an art to running in the heat which I am yet to master. I had two very short walk breaks to drink water then carried on. I tried running and drinking but ended up snorting water up my nose, never a good move lol.

  • Yes, I only drank water during my walking breaks. I need to master the art of running and drinking/eating too. But we've got all summer to practise!

  • This is great work Jaysee, Really Well done and it sounds as if you really enjoyed it too !

    Win- Win ! :-) xxx

  • Most of it was fun. Partly because I knew I was going to do it. And there were stretches where it felt good. But if it doesn't feel good at that speed then I have a real problem!

  • Wow that's brilliant, congratulations. That's a L O N G way to run and you did it. Big pat on the back. Now go claim that HM badge young lady -there's nothing in the rules about having to do it twice!

  • Wow, well done!

  • Brilliant! I am in awe of you right now :)

  • Congratulations! That's a long run in those temperatures! Well done!😊

  • To be fair I think it's a bit cooler over here in Germany. Or I'm getting more acclimatized to the warmer running.

  • Whoop whoop! That's brilliant JSS! You've been putting in the miles so I was expecting this post. Very well done to you πŸŽ‰πŸΎπŸŽˆπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  • Aww, thank you! I like to meet expectations!

  • Oh my.. totally awesome... go you!

  • So - well done. It is a jolly long way!! Need to have a good rest now.

  • Really impressed - look at you! I love the organisation and logically talking your way through it, making yourself go really slow, and how it all came together! Great to see the pic of your route too. Proof indeed so definitely claim that badge. Absolutely brilliant :)

  • I do find if I set my mind to it and decide on the distance in advance then I can do it. If I just go out and see how far I can go, along the lines of "I'd like to do 12 but a minimum of 10" then I usually end up with just the minimum. If I tell myself I'm not going to accept anything under 21 then 21 it is!

  • Hope you're not feeling it too much today - I see a few more long runs ahead of you - sounds like you're developing an endurance mindset :)

  • No, actually I'm fine. Legs a bit tired, wouldn't like to do it again today. But actually better than I expected. The advantages of going slow and keeping within HR range...

  • That is so brilliant. Your first HM and everything feels fine. I'm curious whether it might ever be a possibility for me too...

  • Why not - you're doing great πŸ‘. I do a lot of walking and think it's perfectly possible to walk 21k, so if necessary I can always resort to walking it. I think at a pinch I could probably walk a marathon aswell! Don't know if I could run one though - or if I ever will.

  • I could definitely cycle it but I don't think that would help much! Again, loving your pragmatic approach. I think yes I could walk 21k. So from that perspective I could indeed do it. Hmmm... :)

  • I bet you've run one before Christmas :-) :-)

  • Was actually tentatively wondering about the Hackney Half next Spring...

  • Yay! Congratulations JaySeeSkinny! It is indeed a long way - but you nailed it anyway! Well done!πŸ™‚

  • Yay! Well done

    Finding your running groove is great isn't it. It would be fab if all runs were like that

    Take a few days, or four, to recover. Eat healthily -you might feel really hungry πŸ™‚

  • I do feel hungry - but today's a fasting day! And I probably devoured all the calories I worked off yesterday😎😈

  • Woohoo! You are fab :) Great achievement, well done indeed.

  • A fasting day! Really? Post long run! Crikey

  • Yep, every Friday. Was feeling it today though on my evening walk after work. I was very glad to get home. That'll teach me!

  • Wow JZ! Amazing! Congratulations on your achievement. πŸ… Lovely report.

    I went out to run 18.5 today, but I had miscalculated the route and I reached the train station at 16 and just couldn't convince myself to continue. So, very well done on overcoming the road block/backtracking situation.

  • Oh no! I was thinking of you doing your 18.5k today while I was making myself keep going to 8k. If Iben can do 18.5k surely I can do 1k more... ;) 16k is amazing of course. Hope you feel okay about cutting short :)

  • I had a really wonderful run - took the subway 40 minutes to get out of the city and ran around two lakes. It was great! But I was supposed to do a little loop at some point and completely forgot -just followed the lakes instead - and only realised the mistake when I was almost back... I think it was because I listened to a podcast series. Very exiting. I totally forgot everything about time and place, just plodded on.

    Halfway through I needed something to drink but bought an ice lolly instead... and walked for 5 minutes eating it.

    I had a great time. It doesn't matter that I cut it short. I'm ready for that half marathon, I just know I am.

  • You are definitely ready for your next HM! And this time you'll be pleased with your time!

  • The next HM might be harder - not a flat route like the first one - but it is not very important to me, actually. I am just looking forward to trying running in a really big event (last year it had 12,000 participants). It will be such a party!

  • Ooh brilliant. I just know you're in such a good place for this HM. I was wondering if we know the date it's on - it's early June right?

  • 11 June - two weeks. Exiting!

  • Brilliant! Will make a note :)

  • It is a bit demoralising to run back along the route you've just done, but it was the only way to get home and the only way to get 21 k done. I don't know how people run laps, I think I would hate it!

  • I don't recommend laps! The worst thing is however hard you try you're bound to lose count :o

  • My first HM was two laps. But not too bad. After 10k I still felt great and thought "I can do that again", but it was much harder the second time around!

  • Fantastic achievement, very well done! I think I remember the beer garden from previous post of yours :)

  • Yep, that's the one. I can't really remember going past it at all this time (in the groove!), but I must have done!

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