Half Marathon training

Hello there everyone. Just wanted to update that I have finished my week 1 of the 12 week half program. I am following the free plans available on nike and they seem to be very good. The first week was of 30 miles. Started week 2 today with an EASY 5 mile run. I never thought I would say that. EASY 5 MILES 😂.

Anyway this week is of 31 miles and the month's mileage would be 150 miles 😇.

Hope I would get through this without any injuries.

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  • Cor that's a lot! When/where is your race?

  • The race is on 16th October. It's in Bangalore - India. Name of the race is Bengaluru Marathon

  • I've just had a look, that's a serious race! Prize money too! Best of luck, keep us posted xx

  • Ha ha ha 😂 it's my first half marathon. I just hope to finish upright and with a smile on my face.

  • I'm sure you will!

  • Good luck. Sounds impressive, doable all the same. Says me who only just managed 110km last month!

    Happy running 👟

  • That's a lot of miles for the start of a half marathon plan. Good luck - hope all goes well!

  • Yep, that's a lot of miles in a week! Take care and make sure you take enough rest to avoid injury. Good luck :)

  • Thank u. I have done a couple of 100 mile months earlier this year. So hope I have the base to move forward.

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