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hi all I haven't posted on here for a while. I did bridge to 10k before Christmas but we never got further than 8k. Hubby and I started a running group from our couch 25k and although it has dwindled to only 3 running atm, we have been running twice a week between 5 and 8k since New year. On Sunday we are running an 8k run through the forest and have also signed up to another bridge to 10k where we hope to get to run the 10k

Hope everyone is doing ok xx

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If you can do 8k then 10k is well within reach. I run twice a week with three times some weeks and I managed to get my 10k following ju-jus plan. I found from 8k to 10k was just mind over matter. You can do this so set yourself a 10k route and give it a go. Slow your pace and take a quick walk break if needed but do it!


Thank you! i think its mind over matter too. I will have to have a look at the ju jus plan. Well done on achieving the 10k .

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