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Still plugging away at W2 - hard to imagine, but I WILL improve

So, missed a run due to long weekend away, and then missed another thanks to being cooped up in close proximity for said long weekend with snotfest grandchildren who thoughtfully shared.

Am now hopefully back to running 3 times a week, but Monday's run with the girls (40 minutes, no walking) and today's run (the run part today was 3 sets of 15 mins run with 1 minute walking interval between each) were both tough.

Friday will be long run day, although it'll probably end up being around the same distance as today but no walking. I feel tired just thinking about it - really looking forward to my rest day tomorrow!

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Well done! I think that we all seem to forget how far we have come.

I find that I run better without walking breaks (oddly enough!) as I find that it's more of an effort to get myself to run again - wierd of what! That said if I NEED to walk I will do without hesitation but only for 30 seconds to a minute however I'm probably not being very helpful as I'm not that far in front of you!


I'm like marie-20 - once I stop I find it really hard to get started again. I think it's like getting an ocean freighter turned or stopped - there's so much mass they don't manouever easily :D

Take it slowly and I'm sure you'll be fine!


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