Kilomathon - well nearly

I did my longest run to date this morning. The sun was shining, the trees are now covered in pale green leaves, the magnolia is blossoming and the cherry trees in front of our flat are a beautiful pink. And it's getting warm, so I decided to take water. Oh and a light jacket just in case I ended up miles from home, exhausted and cold. Running with a rucksack didn't bother me. My pace was nice and steady, I did my usual run/walk with a walk at every 5 minute interval. The planned walks help me enormously on my longer runs.

2 weeks ago I managed to get up to 12k, but I crashed quite badly over the last couple of km. This time I wanted 13k and preferably no huge slowdown towards the end. Well I didn't get negative splits, but was relatively consistent, so I was quite chuffed!

Is there a nicer way of spending time on a Sunday morning than running through woods, across fields, with birds singing, the sun on your face and your own legs carrying you forward?

And then I came on here and discovered if I'd run a further 100m I would have completed a kilomathon! (or a half kilomathon). Oh well, there's always next week😎🌞

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  • Oh, is think 13k is a pretty impressive distance JaySeeSkinny - that's 8 miles in old money! Your run description is beautiful too, cannot wait for my run tomorrow now!πŸ™‚

  • Enjoy your run tomorrowπŸƒπŸ‘

  • This is a wonderful post.. and a great distance too... WOW! I love my Sunday runs as you know... and was lucky enough to get a beautiful sunshine run in this morning before we left Wales for home :)

    You had Magnolias and Cherry Blossom.. I had seagulls and seaweed :)

    Lovely, thank you x

  • I can only get seagulls and seaweed when I'm on holidayπŸ¦†(Not a seagull, but the closest I could find!).

  • x

  • That sounds lovely JSS and well done on the distance too! That's a fair old way so you should feel chuffed with that πŸ€—

  • I learnt that word this week too :) Congrats on your nearly kilomathon. Epic :)

  • Well Im in Bazza1234 's camp on this, close enough is good enough in training. Although when its myself i cant accept that 😩

    Brilliant run JSS. Sounds a lovely time of year for it too!

  • Well done, that's a long way! Great attitude to take, good preparation, and it got you there!

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