Pity party over!

I had been doing well, graduated a year ago and worked up to a once a week 10k, then to running four times a week and then it started, a pain in my foot. Think it is a developing bunion ☹️!! Thought sulking would help but it didn't, so I am back in the plan. Reducing running back to 3 x 5 k for a few weeks to monitor my foot and any pain. No more heels, bought wide fitting sensible shoes for work and doing some foot stretching exercise. A bit down but still running and looking after myself

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  • I wondered where you'd got to, Julie. Your bunion is probably due to your work shoes and as long as it's not really sore I don't think it should be a hindrance to running. I've got a similar problem on my left foot (also due to high heels in my youth at work), but it doesn't bother me. Hope you can get back to your long runs, you were enjoying them so much!

  • My work shoes weren't that high, they were narrow and that rubbed on my sticking out part of my foot. It is not wearing high heels that has caused it, I have rarely worn them over the years, it is a hereditary thing, so I will be managing it carefully

  • There's always summat Joolie! If it's not one thing it's another 🙄

    Oh well, you'll achieve what you want with one less fewer runs in the week. Further down the line you can up it again once you're tickety-boo 🙂

  • "Thought sulking would help but it didn't" :D

    Did you say in another post that you'd also got some wide toe-box running shoes? If not, you should try and find some. I asked folk on here for suggestions a while ago and they came up with Altra (they look the best), some Mizuno, some Brooks and Asics, some New Balance (I ended up with those, because I am cheap :) ). Although I think some people thought I meant wide-fitting. I also have found Topo; and Inov-8 which look good.

    Hope your foot feels better soon xx

  • I'm glad you're back again. My bunions don't seem to affect my running, although to be fair I don't think they are as bad as some as I've seen some where the big toes turn right out, ouch :( Wider-fit trainers work best for me but there's so much choice you are bound to find something that suits you.

  • Nice that you are back Joolie.

    Hopefully once your foot has settled again you can get back to the extra runs if you decide you want to. I always love your post run updates, you always seem to enjoy running so much. Soon be back there Im sure 👍🏼

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