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NT 'Trust the Trails' activity at Lyme Park

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Spent a thoroughly excellent 4 hours at Lyme Park on a Trust the Trails course with 2 coaches who are experienced trail runners. Activities included working on running form, cadence drills and uphill & downhill running drills. Then went on a group trail run to finish off the session. I will admit it was hard work for me but I left with a sense of achievement, a warm glow and an urge to do more trail runs round this beautiful park. Did have my worries about the weather, (it was wet), but with all the running and focusing on the drills I didn't notice it.

If you've never done trail running I would heartily recommend it

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Sounds fab - who organised it? I've been too scared to try trail running so far and it would be good to have some specific training.


Mark (I've forgotten his surname) and Alastair Whitelaw where the coaches but the activity was booked through the NT web site here,

They are easy going and make the 4 hours lots of fun and they ensure that you are safe out on the trails and won't push you to go at a pace that's too fast but to go at your own pace.

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Thanks, I'm tempted....


Sounds great!


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