Trail Running Suffolk coast

Trail Running Suffolk coast

Last Sunday my daughter Beth and I ran from Wolviston Orwell Park school to Felixstowe, around 12k, it was lovely, however we couldn't see a path on the map for the first section from my house so missed the first 5k, it's potentially a 17k route. So today I ran the route to find a way, I also made my first vlog woop woop wow I must be so cool now. Excuse the heavy breathing and the wobble, I've discovered I need to keep the phone in landscape or the video looks bad but hey ho.

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  • Great vlog Paul! Looks lovely there😊well done

  • Thankyou, I did it all on an app on my phone so for a first effort it was ok

  • Hi Paul,

    I've happy memories of barbeques on the foreshore at Nacton, my grandfather was chef at Nacton School (I guess that's Orwell Park School, now). We used to swim in the outdoor pool in the summer holidays. And there were scout camps at Hollowtree.

    Now my Mum lives in Felixstowe, so very occassionally I run along the prom on the seafront.

    Great video, well done (and keep them coming!)

  • Well done Paul , looks great, if rather swampy in places! πŸ˜„ What a great place to discover.


  • Cool video!

  • Love the scenery - fabulous:)

    Some of your muddy patches reminded of where I ran on Sunday - expect mine was mud which cows has trampled through - so very deep in places! (I had to go along a fence at one part, clinging on using my hands! it was so deep!)

  • That's what I love about trail running, it can be an adventure

  • Great run Paul. It must be a lovely route to take. I wish I was up to trail running, sounds a bit hardcore!

  • Not hard-core just scenic and fun

  • Really enjoyed this video Paul! I always run on trails at the weekend, just love them! Yours looks beautiful.πŸ™‚

  • Thanks Sandra, this is why I really started running, to visit new places not to pound the tarmac. I always need to force myself out the door when Road running but not trail runs. It's also a nice excuse to catch your breath at every photo opportunity.

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