Anyone fancy a wee dram?

I am gutted! I had planned to enter the Dramathon 10k but I have left it too late and it is sold out :( :( :(

However, there are still a few places left for the relay race. There need to be 4 of you to cover the marathon distance, so I reckon that makes it 10.5k each. Would anyone like to join up with me?

21st October :

Go on, you know you want to! :)

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  • Sounds like great fun. Hope you find someone to join you :)

  • I think there will be lots of C25K people there next year, but I'm still hoping that I might find three more people to sign up this year :)

  • Looks good but 1. it's miles away and 2. am on holiday. Hope you find some people to join you.

  • Fingers still crossed!

  • If I wasn't at the other end of the country!

  • That's a shame!

  • I'm slightly tempted - it looks lovely. My only hesitation would be the nearly 4 hour drive each way. I'll think about it . . .

  • Ha ha - I think it's quite a bit further for me, like about 8 hours! I'd make a holiday out of it though :) Still need a couple more people to sign up, if anyone else is out there!

  • ROFLOL - you're keen! Driving 8 hours to run!

  • Welllll... driving 8 hours for distillery tours and malt whisky ;)

  • Tempted too! But don't know holiday dates for October yet. Sounds great.

  • It's a long time away, isn't it :/

  • I'm tempted too. Just a little worried about those hills...

  • I know. That's why I wanted to do the 10k, because that's the flattest section :D

  • Oooh! I live about an hour away....hadn't heard of this one before. I'm not sure yet what I'm doing I'm October but sounds very tempting....

  • Exciting, isn't it? :D

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