wee update from wee haggis

wee update from wee haggis

don't often post but still running. decided to take part in the british heart foundations ''run a marathon in the month of may'' here is a copy of my last post in the bhf blog.

god i am knackered.

phil 31 May 2016

that is my marathon journey finished for this month. by far the hardest thing i have done for a long time but undoubtedly the most rewarding. I did this to help the bhf raise funds but also to prove that having a heart attack is not a reason to give up. Having had a heart attack I am proof that if you don't give up you can achieve more. thank you to all the sponsors once again, you and the British Heart Foundation have made this possible. The final mileage figures are 216.08 miles. which equates to 8.25 marathons. thank you........

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  • Congratulations -that's some mileage no wonder you are "tired"πŸ˜€

  • Thank you. Like you i am a lone runner as i run at 5am. But for last two weeks i had a running partner. I have to say i don't know if i would have managed without him. Age does come with limits but being a tad under 68 i think i will manage a good few more miles.

  • Go you! :-)

  • Thank u

  • Edinburgh marathon? Well done! I take it your still on the statins? 😊

  • Not anymore. Was having joint problems. Went on low calorie and very low carb diet and now not on any medication at all. Must admit feeling a lot better as well.

  • Watch out Eddie Izzard, there's a wee haggis just behind you. Phil, you're amazing.

  • Thank you but no chance what he did was amazing.

  • Yes it was really something special, but so was your 8.25

  • That is impressive! Nothing more I can say, I am impressed!

  • Thank ypu

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