What is harder than running up a muddy trail?

What is harder than running up a muddy trail?

Running down one!

I love running "off piste" and am fortunate that I live close to areas where I can get off the path & run through forest - so much more interesting, (although much slower!) than pavement running. I found places I'd never even been on before!

Spring is well & truly coming, so I hope for more wild runs in the months ahead. For the first time today I felt too warm in my winter leggings!

Delighted that my breathing problems from last week seems to be under control & I was able to do 10k with negative splits - I still don't have the nice pattern I'm looking for, but the principle is there.

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  • Lovely splits! I know what those slippy muddy hills feel like! Well done on a great runπŸ˜€

  • I don't know about harder but it certainly gets your attention.

    Those are super, speedy splits considering the terrain. Great stuff.

  • You're amazing. You really are.

    I like off piste too.

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