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Pushing on

After all the support from this board I have completed my third run this week. I have kind of gone back to week 5 and completed three 20 minute runs. Today however I felt good and managed to complete the 20 mins without walking at all. I then walked for one minute before running on for a further five minutes.

When I went out today I had it in my head to run for 10 minutes before having a little break if needed. I find it really helps me to set myself targets and then smash through them and continue on. I can normally squeeze more out of the tank once I get there.

This is the first week that I have completed three runs in for some time. I am going to base my runs on week 6 next week but do a little more if I feel I can. My aim really is to get up to 10k at some point over the next few months but just focussing on getting back to comfortably running 5k again for now.

Feels like a positive step getting back to running three times a week though. Yay!!!

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Sounds like good progress. Well done.


Good work 😀 The walking breaks are great. I am a huge fan! They help you get the job done and that's what it's about

Have fun 🙂


hi, im just starting out, week 2 run 1 completed :) well done you have come so far keep up the positivity :)


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