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Hi, I started running to motivate my sedentary teenagers. Well, they are still lazy arses but I acquired the running bug. Run about 4 times a week. My current goals are to move up to 10k this year and to run a sub 30min 5k (my pb is currently 31.54). Not bad for an old bird! My husband has started the couch25k, he is in week 5 now.

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  • Welcome! Yep, I hoped that my love for running would spread to my two teenage boys and although one does run sometimes, it didn't quite go as planned! Never mind, they are very supportive of my running and I think are quite proud of their 'old' Mum! Good luck with building up to 10K - it is a great distance and there is lots of support on here and if you look back you can see that Ju-ju (our very inspirational administrator) has guided a few folk from 5 to 10k recently with some of her own mini vlogs! πŸ™‚

  • Nope. My 17 yr old lad not remotely interested either! But he is very proud of his old mum, even though he does roll his eyes at how weird I look when I go out for a run. I just don't care - tbh I look pretty weird most of the time anyway ...

  • This is why I exit the house looking perfectly normal (possibly running shoes in hand is a giveaway) and remove the top layer and put on shoes at my start point (without entering a phonebox either)

  • I started c25k to get fit, improve mental wellbeing (help to cope with demands of three beans) and to show the beans that exercise is important. I achieved my 5k in October and did ju-ju's 10k in January and February. My trio have all shown an interest in running with the girls doing parkruns with me. My son is up to 2 miles with me. Given they are all 7-8yrs I think I am pretty impressed. My goals this year were reaching 10k (now done but have a 10k event in june) and to get a 5k pb sub 30 mins, currently I sit at 30.14 for a 5k. Our goals are hugely similar! Even though your teenagers are not doing it, I am sure they are impressed although never to be admitted I am sure! Keep going, you are doing well.

  • Good for you! Lazy arse teenagers are a lost cause, probably. Leave em in their sloth, they may join you once they see the light. Good that your husband has! I hope he carries on. Mine has good intentions but then trails off within hours, like his calorie controlled diets.

    Getting to 10k is brill as it's like a springboard then to going further. I really enjoyed the "getting there". Got stuck a bit about four weeks in but you get there eventually. Don't be in a hurry, or push too much. I did and got hurt. I'm an old bird too.

    Good luck!

  • Good for you. Proud to say that my one remaining teenager isn't a lazy arse and took up running before I did. My first Garmin was actually a hand me up!

  • I share your goals but not the teenagers. I'm just another weird looking old bird who regularly trots around the village. You should see the teenagers faces when I pass the bus stop in the morning. All desperately hoping I won't know them and try to say helloπŸ˜€

    The teens may not follow now but they may when they get past those awkward years. Happy running πŸƒ πŸƒβ€β™€οΈπŸ˜€

  • HA! The lazy arse comment made me laugh. Good for you. Keep going!

  • Ha, thanks for all the comments. Yes, there is much eye rolling and when my other half started his c25k they commented 'Really? I think one parent wearing skin tight lycra is more than enough!'. Slightly unfair since I favour the more forgiving style of running gear

    Running has given me much more confidence and the unexpected bonus of finding mental strength, digging deep when the going gets tough has carried over into other aspects of my life.

    I will check out the vlog, set myself a plan, maybe find a 10k event locally that I can use as a goal.

  • My young niece , a PE student, loves that I run and no rolley eyes πŸ‘€thank goodness, well not to my face at least πŸ˜€

    I am not bothered by teenagers or anyone else thankfully. I think once you reach old biddydom you don't give a sh*t 😜

  • Yup. I'm there.

  • It can be a long, long game.

    My Dad has always been a fitness obsessive (and not in a particularly good way) I packed in his running sport in my mid teens, my brother (who was a European champion) packed it in at a similar age and my sister never took it up. Fast forward 3 decades and all his children are now running!

    I hope I don't have to wait as long - my sons both really need to run, for different reasons.

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