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My Running week

Hi All,

Well I have run quite well this week. Mondays excursion was 7.5km, with a final realisation that the first 3.5km is uphill and my Achilles was really screaming at me to stop. So at the turnaround point I stretched and then carried on running and found that the angle of the uphill must be putting extra stress on an already sore Achilles. Why didn't I think of this sooner? I had physio on Monday afternoon and discussed with the mad man who was (at least it felt like) trying to rip my Achilles out of my ankle with manipulation (it hurt...a lot) and so next Monday I am going to try somewhere in the region of 8-8.5km on a flat route. The downside is I have to drive to it first and then run, but there you go. Wednesdays intervals are picking up slightly with the intervals being run on a treadmill so I can really keep track of my slight improvements. Today's run was ok with me covering 5k, my times are not great. At least in my head I want to be running what I was doing last year on a regular basis but considering that I have not been running consistently since probably October of last year I realise my running conditioning is sadly lacking and that will be built up hopefully as long as I don't go backwards in my Achilles recovery.

I hope that you are all out there in these morning that are getting considerably lighter and afternoons where its not dark at silly o'clock in the afternoon. Stay injury/sick free and keep on running!

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Good to see that you are getting there towards full fitness again, Mat.

I had some Achilles issues a while back and as well as hills, another thing you might consider is your shoes. My issues eased considerably when I switched from a shoe with a 6mm drop to one with a 10mm drop. That little bit of extra rear cushioning can make all the difference.


I did the opposite Dunder and went flatter, from a 10 to a 4mm drop.

It was lovely out today. A joy to be out for a run. Injury is horrible and I wish you luck in your recovery. Just go steady, don't overdo it, and hopefully you'll soon be firing on all cylinders


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